About EPS Settlements Group of Canada

EPS Settlements Group (www.epssettlements.com) has history dating back to 1972.  The company is an amalgam of, among others, Kenneth H. Wells & Associates, Benefit Designs and The Structured Settlements Company, all pioneering, original companies in the structured settlements field.  EPS Settlements Group is also the largest constituent company of Integrated Financial Settlements (www.structures.com), the holdings of which include a number of other prominent structured settlement companies in the United States.

By virtue of this, EPS Settlements Group of Canada (“EPSC”) is a member company of the oldest, largest and only international structured settlements organization in North America.  EPSC is a Canadian company, with Canadian ownership and staff.  EPSC is registered and licensed in all 10 provinces and has offices and personnel throughout the country.

While drawn from a variety of complementary disciplines and backgrounds, the staff of EPSC is altogether united in the Mission, Vision and Values of the company:


our mission:

To facilitate co-operation and relieve hardship through the delivery of financial security.

our vision:

EPS Settlements Group of Canada aspires to be valued as:

  • a champion of structured settlements
  • a leader in the provision of services related to structured settlements, distinct in a willingness to co-operate and partner with others
  • an active agent of socially responsible business

our values:

At EPS Settlements Group of Canada, we:

  • deliver service with the highest level of integrity and civility
  • engage in open and transparent communication
  • place the well-being of those we serve over our own interests
  • anticipate and exceed the expectations of our clientele through innovative solutions